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About Us

Changshe Norbu Tours and Treks has been in the hospitality Industry for the last 20 years. The company was named By Kyabje Dodrup Rinpoche Jigme Thupten Thrinley Yoezer of Sikkim, (His eminence the fourth Drodrupchen). The root teacher “Tsa wi Lam” of the family. The word Changshe is the windhorse or the “Lungta” and Norbu is the heap of wish fulfilling Jewels (Cintamani) lodged on the back of the horse. The company in the span of two decades, has hosted people from all over the world, Americans, Australians, Austrians, French, Dutch, Japanese, Thai, Singaporean, Chinese and the list goes on. The company always stresses on personal touch and understanding and we have
a long list of Happy clients to corroborate this statement.

The company is run by the family. Phub Dorji is the Chairman of the family group of companies. His work experience include working in various capacities for the Government as a civil servant for more than twenty years. He was a trade officer in the seventies. He worked for the Royal Advisory council, the Chief Auditor for The Royal Audit Authority and finally ended his service as a civil servant by working as the Secertary to The Queen Mother of Bhutan . The other companies under the family group of companies are, Rin-chen-ling (Tourist Resort) now converted into  Utpal High School – A centre for excellence, Changshe Norbu Consultancy, Drukyul Goods (pioneer in Bhutanese e- commerce) and Sonam Rabphel Real Estate. He is a prosperous businessman,” a self made man.”

The Travel company is managed by Thinley Lhendup Dorji who tries in his capacity, to be the tour leader to ensure that the clients go back, with wonder full memories of the people of Bhutan, and the Country.  In 2011 he was awarded a Masters degree in Environmental System Analysis with distinction, from a reputed Dutch research institute in Wageningen.