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Elephants in the house

Wild elephants continue to ravage crops, damage homes and threaten human lives in villages in Samtse.
last week, an elephant damaged a house in Shivalaya village under Sipsu geog.
The owner of the house, Aap Sonam Tshering said at around 3 am on July 23 an elephant attacked his house.
He said the elephant literally thrust its head through the wall of his house. The elephant then ate his maize that was stored in the room.
His four children were in the house when the elephant attacked. Two of them were sleeping in the room that the elephant broke into. They were woken up by the noise and when broken parts of the wall fell a few feet from where they were sleeping. All managed to escape unhurt.
Aap Sonam Tshering said the maize that the elephant ate that morning was all he managed to save from about two and half acres of maize field that was not ravaged by elephants. He said the efforts put in by the government and people to protect their crops and homes from wild elephants have not worked.
Aap Sonam Tshering said he has not been able to repay the loan he had availed from BDFC to construct his house. And now he will have to reconstruct his house since the foundation has been made unsteady.
Aum Leki Wangmo of Hangai village is another victim. Her house was also damaged by an elephant on the morning of July 21. She was with her two children.
She said when elephants attack all they can do is watch helplessly. She said she is considering leaving the place.
The Sipsu Gup said in the past elephants only ravaged the crops. But of late they have started attacking houses posing threat to human lives.