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Wonderful Bhutan experience

Since Bhutan is a small country, probably all the local travel agencies will be able to bring you to the major destinations. So, It is more the way how they do it that makes the difference. And especially if you want to see other places than the main popular highlights of Bhutan, Chanshge Norbu Tours and Treks will be the right choice.
We (a couple of 45 and 48 years) made a rather extensive trip of more than three weeks through Bhutan in the spring of 2004. “As grown up Lonely Planet travelers” we usually are not really enthusiastic to the concept of package travelling. We are botanists and passionate photographers and therefore not good at sticking to a tight schedule.
We drafted a first itinerary and sent it to Changshe Norbu Tours and Treks. They got the idea of what we wanted to do and see in Bhutan and suggested some changes which turned out to be exactly the right choice for us. Browsing though the internet, you will see that most of the Bhutanese agencies advertise with customized travelling, but we can assure you that Changshe Norbu Tours and Treks really does it. They will respect your wishes and won’t try to press you in to a more or less readymade trip. Meeting another couple touring with same company, we realized that our itineraries were similar at some points, but this couple was doing a completely different trip, emphasizing more on cultural and religious matters while we spent more time trekking outdoors, busy with plants and ethnobotany.
Changshe Norbu Tours and Treks is a family run business and we really got the feeling of being welcomed as guest of this family. We enjoyed and excellent service, a perfect mixture of kind attention and respect of our privacy. We enjoyed the company of very experienced guide who guessed what would be interesting for us and drew our attention to details we would probably have missed otherwise. We also had the opportunity to discuss with different members of the team the actual changes in the Bhutanese society and that too was really fascinating.
We have been travelling through many countries for more than 20 years and can assure that all members of Changshe Norbu Tour and Treks really belong to the best host we’ve ever experience. We had an unforgettable experience in the enchanted world of Bhutan and would like to recommend warmly this company.
Dr. Ulrich Mierwald / Dr. Annick Garniel
Rendsburger landstr. 355
D-24111 Kiel
e-mail: kifl@kifl.de